Volume 10, Number 1, 2016


Miloš Kojić, president of the SSCM 

A review of models in bioengineering developed by the group led by Miloš Kojić in the period 2006-2016
M. Kojić (UDC: 57+61]:004.9"2006/2016")

A summary of results in modeling plaque formation and development, cochlea mechanics and vestibular disorders


N. Filipovic, M. Radovic, V. Isailovic, Z. Milosevic, D. Nikolic, I. Saveljic, M.Nikolic, T. Djukic, B. Andjelkovic-Cirkovic, T. Exarchos, N. Meunier, Z. Teng, D.Fotiadis, F. Böhnke, O. Parodi (UDC: 616.13-004.6-073, 616.13-004.921) 

Multi-modeling and multi-scale modeling as tools for solving complex real world problems

B. Stojanovic, M. Ivanovic, A. Kaplarević-Malisic, V. Simic, M. Milivojevic, Dj.Nedic, M. Svicevic, N. Milivojevic, S. Mijailovich (UDC: 519.876.5) 

High Performance Computing in Multi-scale Modeling, Graph Science and Meta-heuristic Optimization

M. Ivanović, B. Stojanović, V. Simić, A. Kaplarević-Mališić, V. Ranković, B. Furtula, S. Mijailovich (UDC: 004.272/.275) 

Bioengineering and tire design related research at LIPS laboratory – a summary of results

N. Korunović, M. Stojković, J. Milovanović, N. Vitković, M. Trifunović, M. Manić, M. Trajanović (UDC: 612.766) 

Some Aspects of Computation Methods in Strength Analysis of Flight Structures

S. Maksimović, I. Vasović, K. Maksimović (UDC: 629.73:620.179.12) 

Exact Solutions for the Response of Purely Nonlinear Oscillators: Overview

L. Cveticanin, I. Kovacic (UDC: 621.373.5) 

Study of the mechanisms of antioxidative action of different antioxidants

Z. Marković (UDC: 615.279.015.2) 

Advances made by Belgrade's group in research of oscillatory reactions

Lj. Kolar-Anić, Ž. Čupić, S. Anić (UDC: 544.431.8) 

Ultrasonic Evaluation of Intact, Healing and Osteoporotic Long Bones

V. T. Potsika, V. C. Protopappas, K. N. Grivas, T. V. Gortsas, M. G. Vavva, K. N. Malizos, D. K. Polyzos and D. I. Fotiadis (UDC: 616.71-007.233-073)