Advances made by Belgrade's group in research of oscillatory reactions

Lj. Kolar-Anić, Ž. Čupić, S. Anić (UDC: 544.431.8) 

Oscillatory dynamic states as one form of selforganization of nonlinear systems can be found in almost all sciences, like mechanics, physical chemistry or biomedicine. Although origin of these oscillations is different, computational challenges in modelling oscillatory phenomena remain similar in all fields. Since 1979 researchers from Belgrade’s group perform systematic examinations of oscillatory reactions. As stability of steady states is the central point in modelling oscillatory reactions, in last 10 years they have adapted and improved powerful tool of the Stoichiometric Network Analysis for this goal. Moreover, bifurcations of few types were identified in several models of oscillatory reactions. Even very complex chaotic motions in phase space were characterized and quantified by several numerical techniques. Multiple time scale behaviour is found within the core of the complex dynamic behaviour of mixed-mode
oscillations. Analytical applications were developed, too.