Bioengineering and tire design related research at LIPS laboratory – a summary of results

N. Korunović, M. Stojković, J. Milovanović, N. Vitković, M. Trifunović, M. Manić, M. Trajanović (UDC: 612.766) 

Results of representative projects, in which the research team of LIPS laboratory participated, are presented here in summary. A new methodology for bone geometry modeling was developed, which implies recognition of bone oriented geometrical features on freeform geometry. It enables faster and easier creation of geometrical models based on minimal data obtained by noninvasive methods. Stress analysis of bones with traumas and implants was performed as well as optimization of implant structure and position. Original scaffold design was developed as well as a methodology for harmonization of elastic properties of scaffold and surrounding tissue. A methodology for parametric tire modeling with application of existing engineering knowledge was defined, as well as a procedure for prediction of tire behavior during straight line rolling, braking and cornering. Original approach to automatized creation of FEM models based on dedicated CAD models was introduced, which enables fast modification of FEM models and thus simplifies structural optimization procedures.