Some Aspects of Computation Methods in Strength Analysis of Flight Structures

S. Maksimović, I. Vasović, K. Maksimović (UDC: 629.73:620.179.12) 

Primary attention of our investigation during the last ten years has been focused on the development of efficient computation methods and corresponding software for strength analyses of flight structures such as aircraft, helicopter and tactical UAV structures. In these investigations the complete computation methods/procedures are developed and corresponding in-house software for total fatigue life estimations (up to crack initiation and crack growth) of structural components under general load spectrum. In order to ensure efficient computation methods in fatigue life estimations of metal structural components the same low cycle fatigue material properties are used for initial fatigue life estimations and residual fatigue life estimations. The developed computation methods and corresponding software are verified using our own experiments. Most of these methods/procedures and software were applied for the
extension of aircraft structure lifetime, both those at home and those in service abroad. An important aspect in designing and extending the life of the aircraft structure represents a precise determination of the load. For this purpose, as a rule, CFD numerical simulations are used. It is especially important to accurately determine the load of the main and tail rotor blades of the helicopter. In these cases, the application of CFD numerical simulation is unavoidable.