Volume 8, Number 1, 2014

Evaluation and limitations of standard wall functions in channel and step flow configurations
B. Stankovic, A. Stojanovic, M. Sijercic, S. Beloševic and S. Cantrak  (UDC: 532.517.4) 
Effect of blade type on a 3D FC centrifugal fan
A. Amjadimanesh, H. Ajam and A. Hossein Nezhad  (UDC: 532.517) 
Comparison of the pressure gradients obtained by calculation with the pressure gradients obtained by catheterization in patients with aortic valve stenosis
T. Šušteršic, S. Savic, V. Šušteršic  (UDC: 616.132-007.271:612.14) 
Effect of slip velocity and roughness on the performance of a Jenkins model based on magnetic squeeze film in curved rough circular plates
J. R. Patel, G. M. Deheri (UDC: 531.258:620.191.35) 
Static and dynamic measurement and computer simulation of diabetic mellitus foot biomechanics
D. Bubanja, A. Djukic, A. Jurisic-Skevin, V. Grbovic, I. Saveljic, T. Exarchos, N.Filipovic (UDC: 617.586:612.76    616.379-008.64-06)