Instructions for Authors

Article processing and submission charges

Processing and submitting Manuscripts to Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics does not levy any charges.

Preparing the Article

Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics publishes peer reviewed papers. Articles should be prepared in MS Word. Please use the template given on the web:  template.
Suggested paper organization is Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Solutions, and Conclusions.

Paper Submission

You must be logged in to submit your paper. Manuscripts must comply with the instructions specified in Template.
Submission is exclusively electronically via the web, here.
Size of the article is not limited, but the recommended size is between 10 and 20 pages. Notice of the acceptance or rejection of the manuscript may take four to eight weeks because reviewers are usually

Acceptance and Quality control

All articles must go through a quality control system before publication. Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics publishes peer reviewed papers. 

All submissions to the journal are initially reviewed by the Editor and his Associates. At this stage manuscripts may be rejected without peer review if it is felt that they are not of high enough priority or not relevant to the journal. This fast rejection process means that authors are given a quick decision and do not need to wait for the review process. 

Manuscripts that are not instantly rejected are sent out for peer review. The Editor selects in confidence a reviewer who reports about the quality of the submitted manuscript and gives recommendations. The Editor consults members of the Editorial Board closest to the subject of the manuscript and, with the reviewer's opinion and recommendations, decides about the acceptance for publication.
The corresponding author of the manuscripts is informed about the Editor's decision.

Paper Originality

If the manuscript is accepted for publication, the corresponding author must sign the Copyright Form prior to publication. The author guaranties originality of the paper and that the content has not been published elsewhere.
For already published parts of the paper (as figures or tables)  which are copied from another source, adequate permission must accompany the manuscript, with the corresponding reference to the source paper.
The JSSCM does not restrict the author to use the material published in JSSCM except that the author must refer to the paper in JSSCM as the source.