Effect of blade type on a 3D FC centrifugal fan
A. Amjadimanesh, H. Ajam and A. Hossein Nezhad  (UDC: 532.517) 
In this paper, a 3D forward curved (FC) centrifugal fan is simulated numerically to predict the turbulent flow and pressure field of the fan. Through this numerical simulation, the various turbulent models are compared and the influence of blade shapes on the fan performance is examined. For this means, four turbulence models (k-e, k-?, RSM, Spallart Allmaras) are applied to choose the most suitable one. Also for three kinds of blade shapes (flat blade, circular blade and NACA4412 airfoil blade), the flow fields are simulated separately to determine the most efficient blade shape. In numerical analysis, FVM (finite volume method) is used to solve the governing equations. Steady state conditions and multiple reference frames, including a MRF (moving reference frame) for the rotor region and a stationary reference frame for stator region, are used for numerical modeling. The numerical results are validated with experimental data. It is observed that k- e is the most suitable turbulence model and the circular blade is the most efficient shape for this type of fan.