Static and dynamic measurement and computer simulation of diabetic mellitus foot biomechanics
D. Bubanja, A. Djukic, A. Jurisic-Skevin, V. Grbovic, I. Saveljic, T. Exarchos, N.Filipovic (UDC: 617.586:612.76    616.379-008.64-06) 
The objective of this study was to evaluate static and dynamic results on the foot pressure measurement and computer simulation for diabetes mellitus patients. The finite element analysis was used to compare with pressure foot measurement. The foot and ankle model consisted of 28 bony segments is created from DICOM CT slice from specific patient with diabetes mellitus diagnosis. All material properties are considered as homogeneous, isotropic and linearly elastic. Foot pressure measurement for both static and dynamic condition gave topographic distribution of high pressure points which is in correlation with clinical tests results. The result for maximum pressure measurement of the left foot 124.74 kPa is in good comparison with finite element results for 121 kPa. It looks that numerical simulation in combination with foot pressure measurement device can be efficient and inexpensive screening tool, which could go in direction for prevention of the diabetic foot complications, associated with high mortality and morbidity that has significant economic impact on healthcare system.