Effect of surface roughness on a magnetic squeeze film for a sphere in a spherical seat
G.M. Deheri, S. J. Patel, J. R. Patel (UDC: 621.822.7) 
This article aims to analyze the performance of a magnetic fluid based squeeze film for a sphere in a rough spherical seat. Neuringer-Rosensweig model has been adopted to get the magneto hydrodynamic equations. The stochastic averaging model of Christensen and Tonder has been used to evaluate the effect of surface roughness. The associated Reynolds type equation is derived and solved to obtain the pressure distribution resulting in the calculation of load carrying capacity. The results presented in graphical forms suggest that the adverse effect of transverse surface roughness can be minimized by the positive effect of ferrofluid lubrication at least in the case of negatively skewed roughness. Equally important is the role of variance in augmenting the performance characteristics.