N. Milivojević, N. Grujović, B. Stojanović, D. Divac, V. Milivojević
This paper presents the principles of simulation model developed with DEVS formalism for
large-scale hydro-systems management and planning. This simulation model, being DEVSbased,
is natively object-oriented, open for communication with other models and is suitable for
parallel execution in multiprocessor and distributed environments. It is designed as a part of the
hydro-information system, whose strategic objective is to create environment for the optimum
management of water resources and to address and resolve the existing and potential conflicts
of interest in the region, related to multi-purpose use of water, and the misalignment of interests
of the various stakeholders in the river basin. The functional objective of the simulation model
is to support water management decision-making (i.e. to aid users in the assessment of the
consequences of various management scenarios and to support planning within various
hydrologic, climatic, economic, regulatory and political constraints). The combined use of the
rainfall/runoff model and DEVS-based simulation for system elements represents a new
approach when it comes to water and hydropower management. The model and simulation core
make a solid base for the application of optimization algorithms, in order to provide more
automated decision support system. A case study of River Drina Basin simulation model,
named “Drina” Hydro-Information System is also presented.