A Proposed Damping Coefficient of Quick Adaptive Galerkin FiniteA Volume Solver for Elasticity Problems
S. R. S. Yazdi, T. Amiri, S. A. Gharebaghi (DOI: 10.24874/jsscm.2019.13.01.04)
A Quick Adaptive Galerkin Finite Volume (QAGFV) solution of Cauchy momentum equations for plane elastic problems is presented in this research. A new damping coefficient is introduced to preserve the efficiency of the iterative pseudo-explicit solution procedure. It is shown that the numerical oscillations are not only effectively damped by the proposed damping coefficient, but also that the rate of the convergence of QAGFV algorithm increases. Furthermore, the numerical results show that the proposed coefficient is not sensitive to the spatial discretization. In order to improve the accuracy of the computed stress and displacement fields, an automatic two-dimensional h–adaptive mesh refinement procedure is adopted for shape-function-free solution of the governing equations. For verification, two classical problems and their analytical solutions have been investigated. The first is a uniaxial loaded plate with holes, and the second is a cantilever beam under a concentrated load. The results show a good agreement between QAGFV and analytical method. Moreover, the direct and iterative approaches of the finite element method have been implemented in FORTRAN to evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of the presented algorithm. In the end, the corresponding results of some problems have been compared to the QAGFV solutions. The results confirm that the presented h-adaptive QAGFV solver is accurate and highly efficient especially in a large computational domain.