Aerodynamic performances improvement of NACA 4415 profile by passive flow control using vortex generators
H. Hares, G. Mebarki, M. Brioua, M. Naoun (DOI: 10.24874/jsscm.2019.13.01.02)
Improvement of the airfoil NACA 4415 aerodynamic performances by flow control using a passive technique was achieved in this study. Gothic-shaped vortex generators were added at the profile upper surface. Vortex Generators (VG) were used to avoid boundary layer separation at the profile trailing edge, thus reducing the drag force and improving aerodynamic performances. A numerical simulation with fluent code was performed. A parametric study was carried out to determine optimal disposition and dimensions of the VG. Six VG parameters were tested; thickness (E), height (H), length (L), aspect ratio (r), incidence angle (α) and the VG position relative to the chord of the profile (XVG). The results show an increase in the lift coefficient for the profile with vortex generators in the range of high attack angles. Optimal dimensions and positions of the VG were obtained.