Dragan M. Rakić, Aleksandar S. Bodić, Nikola J. Milivojević, Vladimir Lj. Dunić, Miroslav M. Živković (DOI: 10.24874/jsscm.2021.15.02.11)
The procedure for identifying concrete damage plasticity material model parameters is presented in this paper. Concrete damage plasticity material model represents a constitutive model which is based on a combination of theory of plasticity and theory of damage mechanics. This material model is often used in solving geotechnical problems due to its realistic description of mechanical behavior of concrete material. Theoretical basis of concrete damage plasticity material model and material parameters identification procedure are presented in this paper. Proposed identification procedure is applied on experimental data from uniaxial compression and tension load-unload tests taken from literature. By applying experimental data, stress-strain curve is created. Based on stress-strain load-unload curve, stress-plastic strain and stress-degradation dependences are created which are necessary for material parameters identification. Using these dependences material parameters are determined. Verification of estimated parameters is performed in PAK software package using concrete damage plasticity material model. Finite element model is created for numerical simulations of uniaxial compression and tension tests. Numerical simulation results are compared with experimental data. By comparing numerical simulation results and experimental data it can be concluded that this procedure is effective for determining concrete damage plasticity model parameters.