Three dimensional boundary layer flow of water based coupled stress nanofluid over a bidirectional linear stretching sheet in the presence of heat source, thermal radiation and chemical reaction
M. Parvathi, A. Leela Ratnam, M. C. Raju (DOI: 10.24874/jsscm.2019.13.01.03)
The present investigation represents a study on the effects of heat and mass transfer flow in the presence of couple stress coefficient, heat source parameter, radiation parameter, chemical reaction parameter and Schmidt number using nanofluids over a stretching sheet. The governing partial differential equations are reduced to ordinary differential equations with the help of suitable similarity transformations and solved numerically by Shooting method using MAT lab code under the boundary conditions. The results are illustrated through graphs and tables. The present results are compared with the results by Gosh et al. (2018) in the absence of heat source parameter, chemical parameter and Schmidt number. It is observed that the present results coincide with the results by Gosh et al. (2018) and attain good agreement. We observed that both nanofluid velocities increase due to the increase in couple stress parameter. The concentration decreases for the increasing values of the chemical reaction parameter and stretching parameter ratio and we noticed that the temperature decreases for the increasing values of the heat source parameter.