Mhd Natural Convective Heat Generation/Absorbing and Radiating Fluid Past a Vertical Plate Embedded in Porous Medium–an Exact Solution
P. Chandra Reddy, M. C. Raju, G. S. S. Raju (DOI: 10.24874/jsscm.2018.12.02.08)
The present work reveals the examination of the characteristics of MHD free convective radiating fluid past a permeable plate with the occurrence of thermal transmission and heat source/sink along with changeable concentration and temperature. An exact solution has been employed by usual Laplace transform technique. The effects of diverse parameters on flow velocity, hotness and concentration are discussed through graphical representations and tables. With the incidence of heat source, the fluid velocity and temperature increases whereas the concentration decreases. The velocity and temperature falls down in the incidence of heat drop. Escalating values of Soret number serves to enhance the velocity and species concentration but an opposite nature is found with Schmidt number. The current study is well supported by the verification of previously published results.