Biomechanical Analysis of Fatigue Behavior of a Fully Composite-based Designed Hip  Resurfacing Prosthesis
K. Chergui, H. Ameddah, H. Mazouz (DOI: 10.24874/jsscm.2018.12.02.06)
The Hip resurfacing prosthesis is subjected to different stresses resulting from the different positions of the human walk, thereby generating dynamic stresses that vary with time, leading the implant material to fatigue failure. It is important to study the fatigue behavior of the prosthesis material and to ensure its long lifetime. We proposed a new composite material named CF/PA12 composed of carbon fibers with a polyamide 12 resin, whose biocompatibility had been demonstrated in laboratories. In this study, we investigated the static and dynamic behavior at different Gait cycle positions of a Hip resurfacing prosthesis entirely made of new CF/PA12 composite. A fatigue behavior will be deducted by a Finite Element Analysis using the commercial SolidWorks software compatible with the Abaqus finite element code. Static and dynamic analysis were conducted considering normal walking and climbing stairs loading at different Gait cycle percentages of 2, 13, 19, 50 and 63%. The results obtained showed that Hip resurfacing prosthesis fully made of new CF/PA12 composite was very far from fatigue and therefore from failure.