The Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics (SSCM) was founded during The First South-East European Conference on Computational Mechanics (SEECCM 06) held in Kragujevac, 28-30 June 2006. At this Conference the participants enthusiastically decided to establish the SSCM on June 28, 2006. Below is the original founding document, prepared at the meeting by Professors Onate and Papadrakakis, and hand-written by Professor Manolis Papadrakakis, with signatures of the participants. The document specifies the basic aims of the SSCM.



The main aims of the SDRM may be summarized as follows.
  • Coordination of the work of the SDRM members in numerical mechanics, in the theoretical methods and their applications in science, technology and medicine, as well as in interdisciplinary fields;
  • Initiation and support of software development based on numerical methods;
  • Participation in innovation of curricula, from high schools to doctoral programs, with initiatives, proposals and recommendations to the educational authorities;
  • Support of young researchers in computational mechanics;
  • Promoting numerical methods and their applications by organizing seminars, workshops and other forms of educational activities, independently or together with schools, universities, associations and institutions;
  • Collaboration with scientific, educational and professional organizations in order to strengthen the country and help integrate current world trends in science and technology;
  • Organization of national and international scientific conferences, independently or in collaboration with other institutions and associations;
  • Collaboration with other national and international associations for computational mechanics and related fields.
  • Publication of results of the members of SSCM in computational mechanics and its applications through journals, reports, books and other forms.
Following the spirit of the founding document and the goals of the SSCM, the Presidency of the SSCM decided to launch the Journal of the Serbian Society for Computational Mechanics (JSSCM). The main aims of the journal are to promote computational methods, their applications in theoretical and applied sciences and medicine, primarily in Serbia and in the Region of South-East Europe. This dissemination of computational methods and their applications should impact research and education at universities, as well as at research institutions, industry and medical clinics throughout the Region. Also, the journal aims to attract young researchers to publish their results and motivate them to use computational methods and software in various fields of science, engineering and medicine.
According to its constitutional act, the SSCM is a part (collective member) of the Serbian Society for Mechanics.